Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Our City" - by Justin Rule

My city has a pulse.

It lives and thrives on passion

Expressed through perspectives of people

Whose pride resides in the creativity

That permeates the previously parched pavement of potential.

My city has a soul.

It captivates the curious

On the corners where the coffeeshops

And cobblestone streets meet

The audible imprints of independents

Sewing musical flavors into the atmosphere

Saturating the canvas of human experience

With the colors of the Creator.

My city lives.

It inhales the spirit of things spoken to be

And exhales the fruition of the visions we see.

This is not my city.

This is our city.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Celebrate Lancaster! 2009

The first city-wide exposure to Heads Up was an amazing success. Youth break dancers, hip hop dancers, rappers, mural artists and Capoeira afro-Brazillian martial artists brought smiles and cheers from a packed Binns Park.

Heads Up's Artist Mentor Eli Weaver, who was hit by a car earlier in the day and in the ER, even made it down to honor her students who made a huge 10x12 foot mural entitled "Hope" that served as a backdrop throughout the evenings entertainment!

Over 50 of the city's youth showcased their talents and passions alongside local urban art professionals. Heads Up featured numerous of its artists such as co-founders Chris Torchia, Shannon Reed and Heidi Wert and their students who brought the crowd to their feet with break dance moves, lyrical and hip hop dance steps and Capoeira twists and turns respectively. Thanks to partnerships with the Boys and Girls Clubs and MOOSE, students were able to train through the early summer months to prepare for the event.

The Mayor said he was very impressed and thought it was a great hit. Heads Up is hosting a free Urban Arts Festival downtown July 6-9 and is also partnering with First Pres. Church July 12-17 to hold workshops at their Urban Marketplace Bible School.

Although the past two days were filled with amazing opportunities for us... it is just the beginning of a great summer! We are so grateful for the doors of opportunity.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

PLCM Event at Convention Center

Bottom Line...amazing.

20 youth and professional break dancers just stole the show ... the first entertainment show featured Heads Up youth who had worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs support to prepare for the 45 min showcase! There were many others who supported us to make it possible - breakers and dancers from the community. Wow. Mayors and judges and others were loving the kids and the showcase.

Ironically, Michael Jackson died tonight and we were dancing to his tunes. Hmm... well, I am very grateful for the city's support and I am very proud of the youth. Now - tomorrow's big Celebrate Lancaster event! Check back soon for videos of the event! Oh yeah - the convention center is pretty sweet too...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer is... AMAZING

So many doors have opened up for us this summer, it's hard to express our gratitude for the opportunities ahead of us.

June 22 - Kids at the French Creek Kids Kamp will get to hang out with H:UP break dance instructor Chris Torchia and learn some new moves.

June 23 - Kids in the Manor Kids Camp will learn break dance and Capoeira thanks to workshops by Heidi Wert and Chris Torchia.

June 25 - H:UP break dancers will perform for the PA Council of City Mayors in the new Convention Center

June 26 - H:UP Urban Arts Showcase will headline the "Celebrate Lancaster" Binns Park July 4th celebration thanks to the Mayor's Office of Special Events. Be one of the 10,000 in attendance! 7:30-8:15pm

July 6-9 - H:UP will host Lancaster's First Urban Arts Festival downtown in the newly renovated Lancaster Square. Each night will feature a different urban arts focus with artists holding workshops every hour between 5-8pm free for the public.

July 12-16 - H:UP artists will facilitate workshops at First Presbyterians "Urban Marketplace" bible school. Pretty innovative and awesome partnership with one of our first supporters.

What's that? You wanted to help us out financially? That is awesome. We are a 501c3 so we welcome your support.