Friday, July 24, 2009

PRS Electric Guitar Giveaway!

So, we were given a PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Custom Autographed Electric Guitar - valued over $8000! - to give away!

That means that you could win it!

Everyone who attended our Urban Arts Festival received a free ticket... we are only selling 1,000 tickets and then drawing one lucky winner! Proceeds to will towards expanding Heads Up programs into neighboring communities!

Tickets are $10 each. Businesses are welcome to purchase as many as they'd like... there is no limit per individual or business.

Soon you'll be able to purchase online - let us know how many you want ahead of time and we will reserve them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Urban Marketplace - Speechless & Amazing

We just wrapped up Urban Marketplace 2009 in partnership with First Presbyterian Church on Orange Street. I am not sure if there was a single ingredient that made it amazing and left us all speechless with gratitude.

Maybe it was the kids enthusiasm and creativity in the workshops - break dance, junkyard drumming, capoeira, t-shirt printing, rhythm stix, recycled fashion, sacred dance and caricatures...

Maybe it was the cardboard city-scape of downtown lancaster.

Maybe it was the original drama about the lives of a cafe owner, a gallery owner and a grocier in downtown lancaster as the week unfolded - causing genuine tears of emotion and joy.

Maybe it was the collaboration between a long standing church and a birthing arts organization.

Maybe it was the overwhelming reality of the love of the community, parents, families and behind the scenes volunteers that made it all happen.

Maybe it was encountering Jesus on the streets of Lancaster in 2009.

Whatever it was, it was impossible to describe with words and left us speechless with gratitude.