Monday, April 19, 2010

35 Seconds

Come here! I heard him say, while I visited the carribean nation
I was captivated. I sat. I listened through tears to the young Haitian.
“Tell her,” he says, with conviction and without reservation.
“Tell her that her 35 seconds that shook us planted seeds for a new creation!”

(and he gave me this…)

Dear 35 seconds, I wanted to write, you came on my birthday
Since January 12, I’ve been thinking about what I’d say
It’s true you ravished Haiti and the world felt your vibrations
Some watched you, but I felt you as you violated our nation.

Some people, like Evan Muncie, survived 27 days in the rubble.
Found thanks to those armed with faith and a shovel.
Many people responded to your moment of terror:
Sweat. Tears. Money. Solemn moments of prayer

Some people were left without father or mother,
Me? Personally, I lost both sister and brother.
Brothers. Sisters. Fathers. Mothers.
The world saw devastation, not races or colors.

You thought you destroyed my family, but I just redefined the word:
Family isn’t a noun, in my dictionary it’s a verb.
Defined as action, to instill hope, in spirit or deed
See, you opened the earth and we chose to plant a new seed.

You thought you destroyed hope, but look around, it’s still here!
Young faces, old faces… sure, there’s still some worry and fear.
With faith being the substance of what we hope for and more -
Like beds, water, medicine. These are things i pray for.

You thought you swallowed peace, but mine is still holding strong
You thought you shattered joy, but I still have a song.
So, 35 seconds, you had your moment and you took.
But before you claim victory, please take another look.

You tried to steal happy, you tried to put laughter away!
You tried unsuccessfully, new hope rises with each day!
See the world, with her hands open, putting history aside.
See the love that pours out as fellow man swallows pride.

See me, less two siblings, like the sun sure to rise.
Saying “Yes, 35 seconds, you may have claimed lives…
But eternity will testify that hope never dies!”

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